onsdag den 23. maj 2012


I'm so happy and excited right know, so I've decided that I'll make a list of things that excites me:

1st: True Blood season 5 is on the way!
God, I've seen forward to this, like, in months! I have this girl in my class who loves vampire tv-series just as much as I do, and we always watch them together. True Blood is definitely our favourite. <3
Mmmmhmm, just can't wait to se the hot Eric Northman, og Alcide...

 Yay. <3<3<3
(God, can't stop making this cheesy hearts...)

2nd: The wonderful weather. :) 

Okay, I maybe stalk DMI to much, I know. But God, doesn't this look just wonderful? After maybe a half year of cold and snow and just to much rain, the sun is finally showing in fucking Denmark! I don't really know what I'm doing here, sitting and writing this, I should be outside...

I'm definitely a summer-girl. Even  though I'm born in winter. I would gladly trade my birthday for nice weather the whole year through.

3rd: It's time for the summer vacation! 8)
Aaah, this is one of the best! In a little more than one week, I'll have examination study leave (I guess it's called so in English?) Anyway, the whole June I'll just have four exams, and do not a fuck the rest of the month! Well, I'll probably prepare for the exams some of the time, but come on, it's so much more relaxing than school. And at the end of June, I'd fly with my cousin to my dad in Canada! This is gonna be  the best summer vacation ever!

4th: Snow white and the Huntsman
Though I have never watched this one, it looks good, and I'm so gonna watch this in cinema. There is this cute guy who also plays Thor in 'Thor' and 'The Avengers'. Mmm. <3
And I found out this song is a part of the soundtrack of the film:
Aaaah! I love Florence + The Machine. The film must be great, if the song is made for it!

... and NOW I'm going outside to enjoy the sun. ;)

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