søndag den 6. maj 2012

SSS Manager

So Wednesday and Thursday afternoon there was this thing at my school called manager. First I heard about  it, it thought: Football? No way! I suck.
Later, I joined it anyway, 'cause I heard that it is fun. So here's what I found out:
When you're joining it, you are written on a list, and then sold among 500 other people who has joined (we're like 900-something students on our school/high school, whatever you call it) to some guys/girls called managers for an imaginary price. There are 17-20 players on a team, and around 30 different teams. Each team has a theme (Batman, Baywatch, Aliens, etc - and my team, The Royals) and so you build up your own camp and play football against the other teams.
Well, playing football is maybe to much said. That's when I found out later, when we gathered some moneys to buy uniforms, food and most important of all: alcohol. You're like 15 minuttes out on the play field the hole tournament (you can also choose not to be on the field at all!), and the rest of the time you drink. A lot.
First our team got sponsored by Royal Unibrew (danish  beer-company), and they promised us like, 180 pallets of bear, but our manager screwed it up, because the company had said they should get it before Friday, and they came Saturday. But we got some alcohol anyway.
Later they also lost  the tarpaulin for our tent, so they just stole one. Jeez.

But besides that, it was really cool. It was hot both days, and I got sunburned. 

(That's a picture from the homepage of a Danish weather-something (no idea what it's called in English) that shows 6-days weather (Monday-Saturday). As you can see, 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit) the first four days! You could call that a Miracle of May - if you live in Denmark.)

I talked to some great people, ate a lot of sausages, pizza and snack and played really bad football. Besides the fails, my team was kind of cool - a bunch of nice people. 
On my team was a guy, Victor, from Litany (or Letland? Whatever.) Later I found out they also speak Russian there (I honestly didn't know!). So at the end of the day we were standing there looking at the whole field where people slowly cleaned up, he told me:

Victor: "В России или в Германии или в каких нибудь других школах такого бы не когда в жизни не сделали." (They would never arrange such a thing in Russia, Germany or other schools.)

I: "Нет, такое толко бывает в Дании." (No, such thing does only exist in Denmark.)

That's where we played manager. The white tents are camps of the different teams.

In case you're wondering: no that's not me on the picture. Just some random chick. I have a talent of avoiding cameras. Anyway, she's drinking from something Danes call a 'ølbon'. It's a thing that 'helps' you swallow the beer as fast as possible, 'cause many people actually don't like beer - but drink it anyway. I don't really get that - why do you drink something you don't like? And why do you try to force it down your throat with a ølbong? Maybe I'm just to Russian for this tradition.

He was really drunk the whole weekend. And my legs hurt after running around on the field, in Sønderborg and later in Dybbøl where we ate together before going to party in town (Sønderborg).

 I think I'll definitely join manager again next year.

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