søndag den 20. maj 2012

Oh, finally it looks like we could get some summer here in Denmark. :D

I think I'll wear all the summer dresses I have next week, so I can be sure to use them all this summer, haha. 

Btw, I sometimes write my posts in Danish, so you'll have to translate if you want to read it.

And I finished reading this two books:

I recommend you to read the whole Vampire Academy-series before you read 'Bloodlines', cause the  end will be revealed in some parts of the book. That kind of sucked, because I haven't read the last book - 'Last Sacrifice' - yet. The library just got it home this weekend. But the book is good - much better than the whole Rose-Dmitri-Andrew triangle-drama that is just annoying to read about - I've read to many books about this shit. Why can't the girl for God's sake choose one fucking guy and get over it? I mean, it's not like she makes it a lot of easier for everyone.

'Defiance' was a little bit boring in the beginning, and somewhere in the middle I considered stop reading it, but I figured I could at least finish it. I'm not so sure whether I'll read the next one. I've had enough of triangle-dramas.

Oh, I almost forgot: my bf and I are going to the cinema tomorrow. We're watching 'Dark Shadows'.
 God, I love Johnny Depp! I think the film will be good any way - just because he's in it. d:

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