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Destined (House of Night, #9)

What I really hate about this series, is that you'll have to wait so long for the next book. Especially I, because I have to wait till it comes to Denmark, then a library has to buy it so I can order it there, and again I have to wait a long time to receive the book. And when I finally get it, I forget what happened in the last.

Spoiler: It took me by surprise, that Urox was made of Jonathan's soul. I've totally forgotten such an important fact!

What also makes me mad, is that they in the danish translation of the book has different names! So when I just read a book in English, and then the next book in Danish, I have to think again: who's who? I could maybe just hold me to one language, but I borrow the book that comes to me fastest - I don't want to wait longer than necessarily. 

Anyway, here's what the book is about (again, copied form Goodreads - sorry guys, but I'm just to lazy to write it myself.) : 
Zoey is finally home where she belongs, safe with her Guardian Warrior, Stark, by her side, and preparing to face off against Neferet—which would be a whole lot easier if the High Counsel saw the ex-High Priestess for what she really is. Kalona has released his hold on Rephaim, and, through Nyx’s gift of a human form, Rephaim and Stevie Rae are finally able to be together—if he can truly walk the path of the Goddess and stay free of his father’s shadow...

But there are new forces at work at the House of Night. An influx of humans, including Lenobia’s handsome horse whisperer, threatens their precarious stability. And then there’s the mysterious Aurox, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous teen boy who is actually more—or possibly less—than human. Only Neferet knows he was created to be her greatest weapon. But Zoey can sense the part of his soul that remains human, the compassion that wars with his Dark calling. And there’s something strangely familiar about him...

Will Neferet’s true nature be revealed before she succeeds in silencing them all? And will Zoey be able to touch Aurox’s humanity in time to protect him—and everyone—from his own fate? Find out what’s destined in the next thrilling chapter of the House of Night series.

So, I think the book was great and everything, but I missed something in this one, compared to the last one. I don't really know what. Maybe I really liked the last one because of Mary Ann's (or Stevie Rae - again the stupid translation!) and Rephraim finally figured it all out. I really liked the two as a couple, though I think it was a little bit creepy that she was in love with a raven mocker.
And what I really want in the next book, is find out what happens with Aphrodite and Darius relationship. Really, they are one of my favourite couples in this book, and Aphrodite is my favourite character. I sad that they weren't that important in this book. But I've given the book 4 stars on Goodreads, because it's good anyway. 

Here are the previous books in the series, if you're interested:

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