lørdag den 5. maj 2012

Spring in Denmark

The forest is just so beautiful right now.

Doh, who needs Stonehenge.We have our Viking gravestones right here.

Aw, my cute french bulldog, Frodo, enjoying a walk through the forest. Everything smells so interesting. : D

Raps-fields in bloom. Thumbs up for biodiesel (or whatever they use it for).

What bothers me is, that the weather, which had been good for
 like 4 days, is again getting cold. I mean, it isn't really fair, is it? They promise us global warming, and this is what we get! 

Btw, finished this book today.
What a lovely story, really! Just what I needed. :) It's like a fairytale - with dying mothers, magic gardens, creepy bad guys and of course love.
I think I have a thing for princess/fluffy dresses/1800-stories, haha. This is just like when I was caught up with the 'Luxe'-series.
And the dance, the Entwine, that is told about in the book! It sounded so great, that I googled it. To my disappointment I found out, that the dance is pure fiction. :( But the author of the book, Heather Dixon, has a really awesome blog, so check it out.

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