fredag den 25. maj 2012


Summer's up, and it means time for sunglasses!
And because I practically worship this invention (along with pockets, purses and flip-flops) I feel like showing mine...

These were my first ones. (Well, I probably had some cute little ones with princesses on when I was kid, but I can't remember). Anyway, I bought them some years ago, and they only suit me with my hair loose. But they are all glitter-flower-power-girly, which they definitely earn some credit for.

Ahr, these one are nice, though I look younger when I wear them, and they don't match all my clothes. I actually surprised me that they suited me when I tried them on for fun, so I bought them. (

Boom boom, and these are new. Just bought today
I actually also got these on in Tiger -  I guess I'm a sucker for cheap sunglasses. Maybe because I'm planning on have all kinds of different types. Though round sunglasses doesn't suit me, these ones sort of made an exeption. (I think so, at least). I bought them because I need some neutral colour, that could match all of my clothes - and this one does?
 Uh, sometime I'll by me some expensive, good quality sunglasses. I was thinking of Ray Ban (the one Bruno Mars is wearing in his music video) but I'm not much of a fashion runner really. Can't keep up with that shit, so I stopped trying.

Oh, and btw: sunglasses are not only a sexy fashion statement. They actually protect your eyes from eye-cancer. (I heard today) But only if you buy the one with UV protection in the glass.

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