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Vampire tv-series

I really like watching tv-series, and especially the supernatural ones. And I watch A LOT of vampire tv-series. Here are the ones I watch:

The older vampire tv-series:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Filmed: 1993 (until 2003, I think?)
Seasons: 7 (144 episodes)
More info: IMDb
I think this one is based on the film 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. It's about this girl, Buffy, who is Chosen to be a vampire slayer. In this one vampires aren't good (like fx in Twilight). They are vicious creatures that has to be staked down in order to be killed. Of course, vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures that she fights, or else the series would be boring. And she has her friends to help her, and a lot of, er, not regular boyfriends.
Though the series are old, I really liked them. They are catchy, interesting and exciting. It doesn't only follow Buffy as a slayer, but also as a teenage-girl who tries to get her life together.

Filmed: 1999-2004
Seasons: 5 (110 episodes)
More info: IMDb
This one is actually about one of Buffy's ex-boyfriends who keeps returning - the 'good' vampire Angel. The serie starts, when Angel  moves away from Sunnydale (where Buffy are living), and into L.A.. Here he makes an agency together with Cordelia and Wesley (you know them from Buffy) who hunts down and kills the supernaturals that  threatens the human world.
I actually only watched this one until season 2, where I thought it was starting to get boring. But my friend urges me to start watching it again, so I'll do it someday. d:

The tv-series that are running right now:

Vampire Diaries
Began filming: 2009
Seasons so far: 3 (66 episodes)
More info: Their homepage
This is a story about two brothers obsessed with one girl. There's of course a lot of other things going on, and there are other characters which live you follow, but it's mostly the three main characters: the ordinary human girl, Elena Gilbert and the two sexy, mysterious brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore.
There are a lot of really hot male-actors in this serie - and I personally prefer Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), one of the Salvatore-brothers. Most people like Damon because he looks better, but Stefan has this brooding, intense-eye-thing  going on, which I think is extreme sexy. (He's btw the guy in the middle of the picture - Damon is the one on the right.) The girl in the middle is Elena, which I think is a major bitch of the series (she's just tossing around between the two Salvatore-brothers, and breaks their hearts - by my opinion) - but also a head character. I just wait for her to die, which of course will not happen, because the main characters never die. She probably ends up with Stefan, sigh.

Anyway, besides that Vampire Diaries is really good, so watch it.

And the last serie - also my favourite:

True Blood
Began filming: 2008
Seasons so far: 4 (56 episodes)
More info: Their homepage
In a world where vampires have "come out of the coffin", Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, discovers a new world of different creatures when she meets Bill Compton, a vampire. 

God, I love this one! It contains the three thing every vampire-serie should have: violence, blood and sex. A lot of it. In every fucking episode. That's just awesome.
It maybe sounds crazy, but seriously, you should watch it! It's the most genius thing that's ever made! And there is this actor, Alexander Skarsgaard (playing Eric Northman), he's just.... MMmmmm!

Twilight is nothing compared to this, btw. This is the real deal - it's so crazy and surrealistic, which definitely makes the plot great.


You can watch the series online here:

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