søndag den 24. juni 2012


Hi blog,
just finished my watercolour-drawing for the art exam. :) I'll post it all in here after I've been to the exam on Tuesday, 'cause I don't think it such a good idea to show it other people before my teacher and the censor gets to see it. But if I should say something, I think that my drawing with pencil is better than my watercolour drawing. Watercolours are so hard to control. (Speaking of art exam, I should probably start making my speaking-paper instead of blogging. .__.)

Anyway, I'd be so great when the exam is over, and I finally can prepare for my trip to Canada. Well, honestly I hate packing, and travelling of at long timespan, but I'm exited for finally leaving Europe and seeing something new. I love travelling and experience new areas and cultures.
For the long flight my boyfriend promised to download me LOST season 2 (yaaay!), or some other films I haven't seen before on my iPod, so I won't get bored in the plane. And I'm planning on taking (at least) 2-3 books with me. :x I really hope there's enough room in my luggage.

I checked the weatherrepport, and I found out they have the most awesome weather in Montreal.. mmmhmm. <3 I'm so much looking forward to that, especially after this hell of rain in fucking Denmark. Jeez, sometimes I wonder why I even live here. <_<'

Uh, and I also cleaned up my room, bathroom and guest room today. You always get that good feeling afterwards, because you did something useful. 

Hmm, now I probably shold prepare for the exam. Gaaarg, pull myself together. ._.


 - Flat-ironed hair guarantees a great hair day. ;)

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