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More books :)

 Phantom (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters, #1)

Hey ya all.
I just finished 'Phantom' by Lisa J. Smith, but I really don't want to write a review. I can say the book is as good as all the other books in the Vampire Diaries series.
If you want you can read about the book and other peoples reviews here at Goodreads.

So, I just had my first exam this year - danish exam. We were supposed to sit whole, fucking 5 hours in front of our computer and write an essay. And if we were finished before time, we couldn't pack our things and go home, no we should just go outside and wait. Jeez. I finished one and a half hour before time, and went shopping with a girl friend. Tomorrow it will be English - again for 5 hours. Will I survive it? I think not.

Anyway, today at work (I work in a library, in case you're wondering) I spotted so many good books, that I had to borrow them, though I probably cant finish them all in two weeks, before I'll go to Canada. I'm really good at borrowing more books than I can read. So, here they are:
The Body Finder (The Body Finder, #1)The Gorgon's Gaze (Companions Quartet, #2)
The Future of Us Bloodrose (Nightshade, #3)

'Bloodrose' is the third book in the Nightshade series, and one I've waited for. So I was naturally exited to find it on the shelf.
'The future of us' is book by Jay Asher, the author of  'Thirteen reasons why', a book that I totally adore because it's so unique and goes right under your skin after the first 20 pages. So of course, this one must be as good. :)
'The gorgons gaze' I just borrowed because I've read the first one. The first one was OK, and I wouldn't be disappointed if I don't have time to read this one.
And at last, 'The Body Finder', because it sounded good on the back cover, and because I'm a sucker for the supernatural and love mixed in one book.

And now I have to read some English grammar so I wouldn't feel like a total idiot at the exam tomorrow.

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