mandag den 18. juni 2012

Funny videos

Okay I just talked with my (girl)friend on Skype, and we relived some awesome videos from youtube.
There's fx this one: Hilarious Marathon Finish
Jeez! First time I watched this one, was in English. I accidently found it on facebook, and pushed play. God, I though I'd die. I really tried not to laugh, but you know how that is - when you may not laugh, there no chance that you can stop it. I though I should die, strangled in my own laugh, which I tried to hold back. My friend saw what I watched, and started to laugh to. And boy, my English teacher got mad. But seriously, that was the best English lesson ever.
My favourite part of the video is 0:35. Enjoy. ;)

And then there is this one:
My friend told me, that they're saying: "If you're afraid of something, then you're a loser" - or something like that. God, it' so hilarous! Especially the 5 sec. as they notice the snake and just stare at it. :D Priceless!

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