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Snow White and the Huntsman

So as you know, because I told it like, twice, I was yesterday in the cinema and watched 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. It was really good. In spite of all the criticism about Kristen Stewart's way of acting, I though she played her role very well. So I wont listen to other peoples opinions about her any more, 'cause I think most of them just have pain in the ass, or hate her simply because she played Bella in 'Twilight'.

She was a very good choice for the role of Snow White - she isn't just that classic, pretty Hollywood-girl with big boobs, you may think they normally would take, because Snow White supposedly have to be very beautiful. She looked very simple and innocent in her brown dress, black hair, white skin and light red lips, and that's what made her look beautiful, and matched her role perfectly. I really likes Liam Hemsworth in the role as Huntsman. He looked pretty hot, in spite of dirt and greasy hair.

I also liked the background and scenes: the dark forest, the magic forest with the fairies, the castle and the sea around it... It was all very fairytale-alike, but tastefully. And the seven dwarfs were just adorably amazing! I like that they have made them tough warriors with swords and knifes.
I generally like the whole interpretation of the Disney-film. They had made it very action-film-like with the fights and death, and even a little scary, but still had kept the core of the story, the fairty-tale innocent and genuine good Snow White, the bad stepmother - here a witch, that sucks life out of innocent girls to keep staying young, and trying to take Snow White's heart, because it'll make her immortal, and of course the prince that had to wake up the dead/sleeping Snow White.
In this case it was a love triangle: The Huntsman, and a childhood friend of Snow White, William that both fell in love with her, and both had to kiss her, before she could wake up from her eternal sleep and defeat the mad queen/stepmother.

If I should say something I didn't like about the film, was the kisses. Both men only gave her like, little peks on the mouth. Well, of course they can't make up with a corpse, but I expected a little more later maybe.

I'll give the film ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☺ (4 out of 5.)

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