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Sagaen om Isfolket - Margit Sandemo

Well, hi again. :)
I really should be studying maths and English grammar for the exams next week, but it's so boring (especially English) so I get distracted all the time. The exams aren't really that important, because the don't count in my average mark, but I want good grades anyway, just to show that I can. :p I'm a perfectionist, can't really help it.

Anyway, now that I am distracted, I want to talk about the series called 'Sagaen om Isfolket' (and in English apparently: The Legend of the Ice People). It's a saga on 47 books (no shit) that follows a family - The Ice People - through many generations. We are talking here about a time-expand from the late 1500 until... well I'm at the book 18 right now, and here we are around the 1750. (So the plot of the first books plays in the late 1500).

The reason we are following this family, is because they are not ordinary. Long time ago, a member of the family, Tengel, sold his soul to the devil, and in exchange the devil demanded that in every generation there will be born a cursed, evil child - with super natural skills - that will serve the devil. And it all continued, until the 16th century, when another cursed child was born, who choose the be good and use his magic skills to help people. And that where the books starts. He meets an ordinary, poor girl, Silja, marries her and gets children with her. Their children grow up, marry other common people, and so the generations goes on and on through the books.

The plot of the books follows the different members of the family through their live: war, love, adventures, travels and a fight against the evil magic of Tengel. And also all the way through the books, the family members are trying to break the curse of the evil Tengel, so there wont be born more cursed children. But they also have to be careful, because a lot of the common people may try to burn them on the stake for practising witchcraft.

I think the books are really great. They are different from any other books I've ever read, and I will try to read all 47 of them, though it may take a long time.
This is the book one in danish:

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