fredag den 1. juni 2012

Examination study leave

Okay, well sorry for the very non-creative heading. But this was my last (normal) school day before the summer holidays! The whole June we have examination study leave (called 'læseferie' in Danish). We also will attend some exams this month. I only have 3 annual examinations - in maths, English and Danish - which doesn't really count for anything in my average mark, and should be piece of cake (except maybe English... I really sucks at grammar). And the I'll have a oral exam in art, because I finish this subject this school year.

But I can't really believe how fast this school year has past by. I've developed my self so much in one year and learned so much more than I've ever learned in my 9-10 years of primary and lower secondary school (is it called so?). And everything so fast, that I can't believe that there only 2 years left, and then I'll have to attend an university. It's a great, but also a scary feeling.
I hope for a just as great new school year after the summer holidays. Here are some pic's to remind this one:
Me and my worshippers. :D
Maryam. <3 :*
Well... it was a very cold winter... again. Here I'm on my way to a girlfriend from my old school, Svenja.
To a party. :D
Okay, I drive bus a lot. And I bore a lot.
God, I love my girls. <3

Manager (y)
Sune! :DD

My BF, his buddy and me.
Anne Mette - my fellow vampire worshipper. <3
Okay, God I look bad at this one, but it was a great day, with super fantastic weather - and that's not something you experience often in Denmark.

Wauw, it was seriously a great time with a lot of great people... (and God, I must stop doing this pistol-thing with my hand all the time! xD)


Uh, I know this is a little outside the topic, but I want to add some non-relative but very important stuff:

1) True Blood Trailer 2# (!!! 8D)

2) Aaaaaaw! <3
I saw this really cute hedgehog when I was walking the dog. It's really a long time since I've seen one alive, and it was mostly curled up in a ball. This little fellow didn't run away when I came at it with my phone. (Sorry about the quality, btw. It's taken with a 2 MP Nokia-camera.)

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