tirsdag den 26. juni 2012


I was to my oral art-exam today, and got a 10 (B). That's okay, if you consider that my only talent lies in drawing pictures, and not analysing them. ._. But I've worked a lot on my project, so I kindda hoped for a 12 (A). Well, nevermind.
Here's my project, btw:

I personally think the one without colours is better, but I've really made a beautiful heaven on the other.

Anyway, this was my last exam, so now I have summer holidays! :D Today I'll go to work for the last time this month, because I'm going to Canada on Thursday.
I should maybe consider to pack now...
But I'm so excited, generally because I can pack my schoolstuff away until 15th August, but of course I'm also looking very much forward to Canada. :)

Cheers, and have a great holiday.

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